ReadyTalk has used Prefinery for a few of our recent product launches. Our product team used the application form to better understand our prospective new users, and our marketing team loved the viral promotion features. A win for everyone!

By Andrea Hill, Product Strategist at ReadyTalk

Gitkraken on Prefinery

Nov 03, 2015


Gitkraken is a cross-platform Git client, currently in private beta. In order to provide a unique signup experience their developers have chosen to integrate with the Prefinery API. However, their marketing team can still manage thousands of users on their waitlist with ease!

"Prefinary has allowed us to roll out our beta in a controlled way, that also encourages invitations and allows us to see engaged users. It's been a fantastic time saver." - Hamid Shojaee, CEO of Axosoft

I suspect Prefinery saved us in the tens of thousands $ worth investment.

By Thibaut Davoult, Growth at Solid

Woodpecker on Prefinery

Sep 16, 2015


Woodpecker is a new tool for sending and following up with cold email. They’ve integrated the Prefinery-powered signup form, styled using custom CSS, into an amazing landing page where the woodpecker even pecks the call to action!

Gathering on Prefinery

Aug 12, 2015


Gathering is a personal finance startup dedicated to helping Millennials save. They have chosen Prefinery to help manage their beta signup form and leverage the power of viral referrals to help quickly grow their waitlist.

Prefinery is a comprehensive tool that helped us save weeks of development time, and you guys made implementation really easy so we could focus on product.

By Mizel Djukic, Co-founder of Gathering