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What you can do with Prefinery

Generate hype & publicity around your product launch.

Exclusivity and scarcity are powerful psychological factors that work to make your product all the more desirable. A waiting list can lead to increased excitement with your potential customers, more social sharing, and additional signups for your product!

Boost signups with viral referral marketing.

Prefinery's Viral Referral System encourages your users to share with their friends over email and social networks, such as on Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Reddit and more. On average, we can help you attract 30% more visitors through persuasive and proven word-of-mouth referrals.

Create the best experience for your customers & protect your brand.

Prefinery is an incredibly flexible platform that can be customized for your brand and your desired user experience. There are no templates which limit control and all copy is completely customizable and can be written in any language.

Limit who gains access and when via unique invitation codes.

With Prefinery you can limit access to your product and onboard users at the pace you want. Whether it's VIPs, investors, friends & family or your most active referrers, sending and delivering unique invitations is a simple click.

Focus on building your product, not prelaunch software.

You've got more important things to be working on than reinventing the wheel and building your own prelaunch software. Don't get distracted building something that will just get thrown away once you release your product.

Integrate with your existing tools & processes.

Prefinery integrates with over 2,000+ popular web apps, including your favorite CRMs and email marketing software. Or, build your own custom integration with our API and webhooks.

Join 13,814 other businesses that have chosen Prefinery for a secure, customizable way to manage & grow their pre-launch waiting list.

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Prefinery has allowed us to roll out our beta in a controlled way, that also encourages invitations and allows us to see engaged users. It's been a fantastic time saver.
GitKraken Loves Prefinery
Hamid Shojaee
CEO, GitKraken