Grow your customer email list before launch

Create a viral waiting list that rewards people for sharing with friends, boost referrals with automated email campaigns, and deliver unique invitation codes.

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Collect Beta Signups & Encourage Viral Referrals

Integration with your site is as easy as copy & paste.

Design your signup opt-in form — no technical skills required

Our wizard-style designer allows you to create a beta opt-in form with no technical knowledge or HTML skills.

All copy is completely customizable and can be written in the language your audience speaks. Plus, custom CSS lets you match your site's branding.
Easy Form Editor

Publish the opt-in form on your landing page

As easy as copy/paste. The form can be configured to pop up when a call to action is clicked or embedded directly on a page.

Don't have a landing page? We integrate with Wordpress, Instapage, Lander, Pagewiz, Squarespace, Unbouce, Weebly, Wix and more awesome landing page services.
Example Signup Form at

Encourage viral referrals on social networks — gain 30% more signups

Prefinery's Viral Referral System encourages your users to share with their friends on social media, such as on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Google+, Pinterest and more. On average, we can help you attract 30% more visitors.
Example Viral Referral Page at
Manage a Waitlist Queue Manage a Virtual Waiting List

Users wait in a virtual line for access. Reward those who share with friends by letting them jump ahead in line, or skip it entirely.

Send an Autoresponder Email Send Triggered Emails

Send personalized emails based on what your users do. For example, send a "thank you" email when someone signs up or a follow-up email a few days after being invited.

Custom HTML and CSS Custom HTML & CSS

Everything in Prefinery can be customized. You can use your own CSS to match your site's look & feel.

Analyze Impressions and Conversions Analyze Impressions & Conversions

See the number of times your signup form is viewed (impressions) and how many times it is submitted (conversions) over time.

Email Notifications Email Notifications

Get alerted instantly when someone signs up or have a summary email delivered to your inbox every morning.

Prefinery Webhooks Webhook Notifications

Automatically get notified about events which happen in your Prefinery account. For example, we can inform you when a new user is added, updated or deleted.

Invite Beta Users & Send Personalized Emails

Generate invitation codes and connect with users via drip-style email marketing campaigns.

View beta signups and identify your key influencers

See social profiles, age, location and Klout scores for your signups. Find and reward key influencers by learning who is referring the most friends to your beta.

View Beta Signups and Key Influencers

Send personalized emails based on what your users do

Send a "thank you" email immediately after someone signs up, a follow-up email a few days after being invited asking for feedback, or a reminder email if they haven't logged into your beta in the last week.

Personalized, Triggered Email Campaigns

Generate unique invitation codes and invite users

We generate unique beta invitation codes for your users. Delivering the invitation is as simple as clicking a button.

Generate Beta Invitation Codes
Unique Invitation Codes Create Unique Invitation Codes

Unique invitation codes are tied to a user's email address and cannot be used by anyone else. Validation is easy and does not require the use of an API.

Custom Invitation Codes Create Custom Invitation Codes

Custom invitation codes can be use by anyone and can be set to expire after a given number of uses or time. Perfect for investors, journalists, bloggers or to hand out at conferences.

Integrate with MailChimp and Zapier Integrate with your Favorite Apps

We integrate directly with MailChimp to kick-start your email marketing campaign. Or, use Zapier to integrate with hundreds of other applications.

Turn Email Address into a Profile Magic Profiles

We automagically turn the email address of your users into a rich social profile including name, social networks, company, title, age, gender and location.

Email Open Analytics View Email Analytics

View the open rate of your emails over time, unique opens, total opens, and percentage of all users who have opened your emails.

Search, Sort, and Group Users Search, Sort and Group Users

Easily discover your biggest social influencers and connect with these valuable customers on the social networks that matter.

Create a Custom & Unique Beta Experience

Prefinery is easy enough for marketers, but filled with power features for developers.

Connect to the Prefinery API A Powerful API

You want the power of Prefinery managing your launch, but are a bit of a control freak. No problem. We've got an API for that.

Build custom integrations with webhooks Webhooks

Our webhooks allow your application to receive information about events, such as a new signup, as they occur.

Export Your Prefinery Data Export Your Data

Your data is yours. You can easily export all users to a CSV file, which can be opened in your favorite spreadsheet application.

Install the Invite-a-Friend System Invite-a-Friend System

Let your users invite their friends to your beta. You decide how many friends each user is allowed to invite, then just sit back and watch as your site goes viral!

Send simple surveys Feedback Forms & Surveys

Capture any information you want from your users such as bugs, suggestions or even build more thorough polls or surveys by using our easy feedback form builder.

Prefinery is Secure and Reliable Secure and Reliable — 24/7

Banking quality SSL encryption and an uptime of 99.99% or greater means that you can rely on Prefinery.

#1 Choice by Companies for Launching a Private Beta

We've been helping companies like yours since 2008. Trust us, we're the experts.

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