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Prefinery empowers marketing, product, and engineering teams to roll out a pre-launch waiting list quickly — complete with built-in referrals, email marketing, and analytics.

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Focus on Your Product & Let Us Handle the Waiting List!

  • Generate hype & publicity around your product launch.

    Exclusivity and scarcity are powerful psychological factors that work to make your product all the more desirable. A waiting list can lead to increased excitement with your potential customers, more social sharing, and additional signups for your product!

  • Boost signups with viral referral marketing.

    Prefinery's Viral Referral System encourages your users to share with their friends over email and social networks, such as on Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Reddit and more. On average, we can help you attract 40% more visitors through persuasive and proven word-of-mouth referrals.

  • Create the best experience for your customers & protect your brand.

    Prefinery is an incredibly flexible platform that can be customized for your brand and your desired user experience. There are no templates which limit control and all copy is completely customizable and can be written in any language.

  • Limit who gains access and when via unique invitation codes.

    With Prefinery you can limit access to your product and onboard users at the pace you want. Whether it's VIPs, investors, friends & family or your most active referrers, sending and delivering unique invitations is a simple click.

  • Get early adopters and market validation.

    Gain invaluable market validation, receive early feedback, and build a community of enthusiastic early adopters with a referral waitlist.

  • Create a viral loop for your product launch.

    Leverage the power of community by creating a viral loop for your product launch. This strategy turns your users into your biggest promoters, spreading the word to their networks and significantly lowering customer acquisition costs.

  • Focus on building your product, not prelaunch software.

    You've got more important things to be working on than reinventing the wheel and building your own prelaunch software. Don't get distracted building something that will just get thrown away once you release your product.

  • Integrate with your existing tools & processes.

    Prefinery integrates with over 3,000+ popular web apps, including your favorite CRMs and email marketing software. Or, build your own custom integration with our API and webhooks.

How it Works

Set Up and Go Live with Your Waitlist in Just 15 Minutes — No Coding Needed!

Easy copy and paste installation to your website, including all popular landing page platforms.

  • 1. Design your fully white-labeled waitlist opt-in form

    No HTML skills needed. Your referral program appears custom-made for your brand, exactly as if you had built it from scratch.

  • 2.Publish the form on your website

    As easy as copy/paste. We play nicely with all your favorite landing page platforms.

  • 3. Move up the waitlist & reward people for referring friends

    Set referral goals for your users and reward them with early access, discounts, prizes and other stuff.


#1 Choice of Top Brands

For 16 Years, Prefinery Has Been the Preferred Pre-Launch Waitlist Software for Industry Leaders

Over the past 16 years, Prefinery has been the preferred pre-launch waiting list software for more than 22,878 tech businesses, ranging from the Fortune 500 giants to the most innovative startups. Our experience and reliability make us the best choice for running effective product launch campaigns.

Scalability is at the heart of Prefinery's design. Our platform is designed to support your campaign's growth smoothly, easily handling campaigns with more than 100,000 participants. In fact, some of our previous customers have successfully reached close to 1 million participants. With our unbeatable uptime, Prefinery guarantees a seamless pre-launch campaign, regardless of its popularity.

Leads Collected

Prefinery stands out as the most customizable waitlist software available today. We believe in offering a tailored experience, which means our platform adapts to match your brand's unique identity and voice. Prefinery ensures that your customers enjoy a seamless and engaging experience that feels like a natural extension of your brand.

Customer Success stories

Marketing & Product Teams Win Big with Prefinery's Viral Waitlist

Discover the success stories and hear real stories from folks who've been exactly where you are. Spoiler: They're loving it!

I set everything up yesterday afternoon. This morning I'm over 10k signups. I've never seen anything like it.”

Vendible Loves Prefinery
Doug Broughton
CEO, Vendible

Prefinery enabled us to build a live waitlist for our service, complete with social sharing and referral rewards. As a result, we saw over 25% of our waitlist members spread the word on their networks.”

Meteor Loves Prefinery
Dan Ahmadi
Digital Marketing, Meteor

“Prefinery saved us hundreds of hours we would have to spend on web development. We could focus on more effective beta testers' onboarding instead. Moreover, their support is amazing!

Woodpecker Loves Prefinery
Matt Tarczyński

“Prefinery has allowed us to roll out our beta in a controlled way, that also encourages invitations and allows us to see engaged users. It's been a fantastic time saver.

GitKraken Loves Prefinery
Hamid Shojaee
CEO, GitKraken

“Prefinery is the perfect tool for any startup that wants to build a waitlist. It has been perfect for managing users that want access to our service in cities where we haven’t even launched yet!

Venue Loves Prefinery
Andrew Bowman
Founder, Venue

Prefinery is the best tool to build a viral sign-up process for your company. We saw a 100% increase in sign-ups because of the waitlist and refer system.”

Will Curran, Founder of Endless Events
Will Curran
Founder, Endless Events

Prefinery has been a game-changer for our business as it allowed us to easily set up & run referral marketing campaigns. It's helping us find new audiences & clients as we seek to recover from the pandemic & boost our business growth.”

Ricky Munday, Founder of Inspire Alpine
Ricky Munday
Founder, Inspire Alpine

“We used Prefinery to set up a viral referral campaign in literally no time. It was extremely easy to set up.

Timely Loves Prefinery
Marius Ørvik
Growth Lead, Timely

By using Prefinery for beta management we were able to save time & money, allowing us concentrate on building our core product.”

Geckoboard Loves Prefinery
Paul Joyce
CEO, Geckoboard

“The automatic messaging systems, ability to refer friends to move up in line, and the all in one dashboard and analytics tools have been a lifesaver for us.”

Shawn Whiting, Designer at Pluto VR
Shawn Whiting
Designer, Pluto VR

Easy for marketers. Powerful for developers.

Enterprise-grade Software for a Custom & Unique Launch Experience

Our pre-launch waitlist platform is not only packed with features but also offers unparalleled customization, seamlessly aligning with your brand. It's our little secret — Prefinery powers your word-of-mouth engine without ever taking the spotlight.

  • 100% Customizable

    No other solution on the market is as customizable as Prefinery. Everything that your users see is 100% customizable — from language to design.

  • Branded Referral Links

    Our share URLs use your domain, not ours, and can accelerate growth by an average of 40%.

  • Your Language

    You can translate everything your users see into your language. 🇪🇸🇩🇪🇫🇷🇧🇷🇮🇹🇹🇼🇯🇵

  • Advanced Form Builder

    Collect much more than just name and email address from your users.

  • Mobile Friendly

    Responsive elements that look great on any screen size.

  • Easy Copy & Paste Install

    We integrate easily with your existing website or favorite landing page provider, including Unbounce, Instapage, Squarespace, Wordpress and many more.

  • Email Automation

    Behavior-triggered emails that keep your users engaged. Your account comes pre-configured with best-practice emails, but you're free to add as many emails as you need.

  • Awesome Analytics

    Stay on top of your conversion rate, shares and referrals by channel, and Viral Boost. Plus, open, click and bounce analytics for your emails.

  • Powerful User Segmentation

    Search, sort, and filter users by over 55 data points. No other solution lets you dig this deep into your user data.

  • Viral Waitlist

    Users wait in a virtual line for access and move up in line by referring their friends.

  • Referral Rewards

    Set referral goals for your users and reward them with early access, discounts, prizes and other stuff. Easily review and approve earned rewards.

  • Data Import & Export

    Jumpstart your campaign by importing a CSV file of your existing users and take your data with you when your campaign ends.

  • Sync with your Favorite Apps

    Use our Zapier app to integrate with over 3,000+ popular websites and services.

  • Webhooks

    Our webhooks allow your application to receive information about events, such as a new signup or a reward earned, as they occur.

  • A Powerful API

    You want the power of Prefinery managing your launch, but are a bit of a control freak. No problem. We've got an API for that.

  • Fraud Protection

    Automatically block or flag suspicious behavior, blacklist domains and IP addresses, or enable a reCAPTCHA on your Signup Form.

  • GDPR & CCPA Compliance

    Prefinery lets you easily comply with regulatory standards and tracks consent when users submit the Signup Form.

  • Secure and Reliable — 24/7

    Banking quality SSL encryption and an uptime of greater than 99.999% means that you can rely on Prefinery.

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