KickoffLabs vs Prefinery

Why is Prefinery the Best KickoffLabs Alternative in 2024?

Prefinery is a powerful and customizable KickoffLabs alternative which works with your existing website, including your favorite landing page provider or existing website.

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Comparison Summary

When should you choose KickoffLabs, and when Prefinery, for your referral marketing campaign? Let's compare both tools.

  • Prefinery is built to handle the largest referral programs with massive email lists.
  • Prefinery doesn't limit how many people can view and submit your forms.
  • Prefinery is hyper-customizable and 100% unbranded for any subscription plan.
  • Prefinery lets you run an unlimited number of campaigns on all plans.
  • Prefinery has no limit on how many domains you can connect in your account.
  • Prefinery will never auto-upgrade you to the next plan if you reach your limit, but we don't stop your leads from signing up either.
  • Prefinery allows you to run custom drip campaigns using unlimited, full customizable email automation setups.
  • Prefinery has pre-launch & beta management features not offered elsewhere.
  • Prefinery has the most robust API among everybody else.
  • Prefinery has multi-member support with no cap on the number of team members.
  • Prefinery works for any business size and type due to its scalability and reliability coming from more than 16 years of experience successfully handling massive campaigns.
  • Both Prefinery and KickoffLabs take data privacy and security seriously.
  • KickoffLabs starts cheaper, but gets costly as you scale. Prefinery is more cost-effective in the long run, with more features.
  • KickoffLabs offers you simple, no-frills landing pages with A/B testing features you can use if you don't have a website, but there's a catch.
  • KickoffLabs features built-in SMS signup and alerts at a premium.
  • KickoffLabs supports a few more direct integrations, without having to go through a no-code automation tool.

Ease of Use

Prefinery is user-friendly for both beginners and experienced developers.

Both greet you with the campaign creation wizard right after you signup, but one makes everything easier for you than the other. We and our customers think it's Prefinery, but don't take our word for it — we encourage you to try both.

KickoffLabs's entire campaign configuration is through their wizard, so if you want to modify anything on the campaign you just get brought back to the wizard. Setting up a campaign seems quicker, but it assumes you know what you're doing from the start.

Both wizards require the bare minimum information to set up your whole campaign dashboard according to your specs. With Prefinery, there is a quick-to-follow checklist to help guide you through your dashboard which you can refer to at any time. KickoffLabs greets you with introductory videos.

Getting support assistance for either is just a few clicks away. You get detailed help docs and email support.


KickoffLabs offers landing pages, but there's a catch. Prefinery works best with your existing website, landing page builder, or app.

KickoffLabs provides customizable landing pages, which can be useful if you don't already have your own website, but there's a catch: KickoffLab's main pricing point is the number of "uniques" per month.

A KickoffLabs "unique" is a person that views a Kickofflabs powered form, an API call, or an email sent. In other words, every form view, landing page view, form submission, API call and sent email counts as a unique, and that can ramp up very quickly for a viral campaign. Monthly plan accounts will also be automatically upgraded to the plan that supports the number of views you need based on usage.

With Prefinery, you get unlimited form views, unlimited API calls, and unlimited emails, plus we'll never auto-upgrade your subscription.

Also, chances are you already have your own website, or perhaps would rather use your favorite, more feature-packed landing page builder which Prefinery seamlessly integrates with. Why pay more for something you already have, right? So, while Prefinery doesn't offer hosted landing pages, it does integrate with most landing page providers. KickoffLabs does offer simple landing pages; however, they're no where near as full-featured as what is offered by dedicated landing page providers.

Prefinery's waitlist/leaderboard system can use four different ranking algorithms - by signup time, by most referrals, position skipping, and most points. KickoffLabs on the other hand only has a most-points ranking system.

When it comes to rewards, Prefinery supports three reward types. You can automatically set emails to be sent on earned rewards, auto-invite a lead to your beta, give them points to move up the waitlist/leaderboard, and even only trigger the reward on a custom event. KickoffLabs can only trigger rewards based on # of points earned — that's it.

Prefinery KickoffLabs

Advanced Signup Form Builder

Collect more than just name and email address from your users.

Custom Layouts, HTML, CSS & JS

Structure content the way you want; add custom HTML to your signup form, status page and emails; use CSS to finetune designs to your branding; add JS for custom functionality.

Your Language

Lead-facing copy can be authored in the language of your choice.

Branded Referral Links

Each lead receives a referral link, which uses your domain.

Vanity Referral Codes

Use the person's name or email address to create unique, memorable referral codes like jason997 instead of xQ7f2.

Customizable Rewards

Send emails for earned rewards, give points, auto-invite, and trigger rewards on custom events.

3 types 1 type

Landing Page Builder

Create a webpage for your campaign.

Integrates with landing page builders

(unlimited views)


(limited views)


Make your campaign your own without breaking the bank.

When it comes to branding, Prefinery — right out the box — will not have any kind of branding anywhere in your campaign for any of our paid plans.

With KickoffLabs on the other hand, be prepared to shell out around a hundred bucks per month just to completely get rid of their name off your campaign assets.

Email Automation

Send an unlimited number of emails and create unlimited email templates, messages and automations with Prefinery.

Using Prefinery you can create unlimited email automation setups based on triggers, making Prefinery more like a drip-style email service. Prefinery's behavior-triggered emails can be used to promote your campaign and keep users highly engaged.

You can directly edit the email HTML, if that's your thing, but we make it more convenient with fully customizable email layouts by using an easy, visual, block-based editor that you can use to create beautiful emails from scratch. Or, you can customize one of Prefinery's built-in templates.

KickoffLabs only gives you a fixed set of emails, where you can edit the subject or body with very few personalization merge tags/variables you can use, and you cannot add more emails. This means you can't build complex drip campaigns, like send email 3 days after the lead opts in.

Need double opt-in? Want to create your own custom email templates? Send emails with your own domain? They all come free with Prefinery. KickoffLabs on the other hand needs you to subscribe to their Business plan first.

Prefinery KickoffLabs

Send Unlimited Emails

Create and send as many email messages as you want — no limits!

Flexible Email Automation

Build behavior-driven, drip-style email campaigns that keep users highly engaged.

Customize The 'From' Email Address

Verify your domain by adding a DKIM key and emails will look as if they've been sent directly from you.

Free $99+

Custom SMTP Server

Optionally, send email through your own SMTP servers.

Double Opt-in

Optionally, require that users confirm their email address.

Free $99+

Email Analytics

View the open, click and bounce rates for your emails over time.

Visual Email Layout Builder

Easily build reusable email layouts with a visual, block-based editor.

Free $99+

Pre-launch & Beta Management

Only Prefinery offers additional features for pre-launch campaigns.

No other competitor offers specific features around running pre-launch or closed beta campaigns. With Prefinery, you can invite and send unique invitation codes to your leads. You can also choose from 4 different waitlist algorithms for how leads are ranked.

You can also choose from 4 different waitlist algorithms for how leads are ranked. KickoffLabs on the other hand only offers 1 of those ranking systems.

Prefinery KickoffLabs

Advanced Waiting List Queues

# of different waitlist/leaderboard algorithms to compute how leads are ranked based on their activity.

4 1

Gate Access & Deliver Invitation Codes

Gate access to your product and require that visitors first apply. Generating and delivering the invitation code is as simple as clicking a button.

Stateful User Flow

Track users from waitlist and beyond as they move through the flow from AppliedInvited/RejectedActive users.

Invite-a-Friend System

Let your active users invite their friends to your beta. You decide how many friends each user is allowed to invite. Similar to how Gmail launched back in the day.

Data Analytics

Prefinery provides better, actionable insights about your data.

KickoffLabs offers basic analytics, and works okay if you just need an overall view of how your campaign is doing.

Prefinery also offers an overview, while also allowing you to go into the nitty-gritty as it tracks more KPIs like opt-ins, referral source, conversion rate, individual email metrics, demographics and form responses.

Both offer a lead database that lets you search, sort, and filter lead information with customizable columns, but Prefinery tracks more data points with every lead. No other competitor offers the ability to dig this deep into lead data. Once your list gets massive, you'll appreciate this even more.

Furthermore, accessing each lead's profile in Prefinery shows a ton of info, including their notes (that you can add per lead), email history, webhook history, referral history, rewards history, etc.


Prefinery offers unlimited API access.

Direct integration for apps Slack & Mailchimp are supported by Prefinery as well as KickoffLabs, though the latter also directly integrates with Facebook Audiences, and Klaviyo.

Both also offer webhooks, custom JavaScript and 3rd-party integration via no-code automation tools (like Zapier) which means you can also easily integrate either with any other app, including the ones already mentioned above.

But when it comes to API, Prefinery's is the most robust at a fraction of the cost in comparison to others so you'll have more integration options outside of Zapier, and can send/receive more data points.

If you missed it earlier, API calls in KickoffLabs counts toward your monthly uniques limit. With Prefinery, you get unlimited API calls.

Prefinery KickoffLabs


A JSON-based REST API supporting more data points at a fraction of the competitor's price for API access.

Unlimited & more robust Has monthly limits; less data points


Sync data with your own servers.

JavaScript Code Injection

Paste 3rd party scripts into your campaign assets (signup form, referral page, etc.).

No-code Automation Support

Integrate with over 3,000+ popular web apps on Zapier, Integromat, Integrately, Pabbly Connect, etc.

Google Analytics

Facebook Pixel




(via no-code integration)

Facebook Audiences

(via no-code integration)

SMS signup & notification

(via no-code integration)

Scalability & Reliability

Prefinery works for any business size and type.

Over the past 16 years Prefinery has smoothly handled HUGE campaigns, some with more than 500,000 leads. Many of our customers come from from competitors that just couldn't handle the load.

Prefinery has been around since 2008 — that's 16 years of experience — and was around years before any of our competitors.

Privacy & Security

Both take data privacy and security seriously, but Prefinery gives you more flexibility.

Both Prefinery and KickoffLabs have opt-in consent features requiring leads to agree to your terms when signing up, and record this on the lead's profile which you can reference as needed.

Prefinery was the first to offer GDPR compliance. Privacy, Security, and Cookie policies are duly published and our Data Processing Amendment includes the EU's SCCs (Standard Contractural Clauses). Everything is encrypted whether at rest or in transit. Prefinery doesn't use Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, or other trackers when you visit our homepage or use Prefinery.

With regards to account access, KickoffLabs only supports a limited number of team members on an account. Prefinery provides it for free and with no limits on the number of team members. You can specify their privileges (role-based access control), require 2FA for all team members on account, and audit log of who did what and when for all changes to the campaign.

Prefinery respects you and your leads' privacy.

Prefinery KickoffLabs

Respects Browser Do Not Track Setting

Observes your right not to be tracked and respects your browser's Do Not Track setting.

# of Spy Trackers Deployed on Homepage

The number of analytics, advertising, and other tracking scripts that are loaded when you visit the website.

0 2

SSL Labs' Rating

Rating, as reported by, an independent company which scores web servers for their compliance to security standards.

A+ A

Team Management

Collaborate with your coworkers in an account that is centrally managed.

Free & unlimited Limited by plan

Role Based Access Control

Limit your teammate permissions by account functionality or data.

Two-factor Authentication (2FA)

Require an authentication code from your mobile device in addition to your account password.

Track Lead Opt-in Consent

Require signups to agree to your terms and we'll record their consent, including timestamp and IP address.

Privacy Shield Compliance

Self-certified to both the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield and Swiss-U.S. Privacy Shield frameworks.

GDPR and CCPA Compliance

Compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation and California Consumer Privacy Act.


Pay less and scaling more with Prefinery.

KickoffLabs bills you for uniques — the total of unique form impressions, API requests, or emails sent — consumed per month. This can get pricey fast as your campaigns scale. Also, you get auto-upgraded to a more expensive plan once you've exceeded your current plan's limit.

With Prefinery, your leads will continue to be able to sign up even if you've reached your lead count limit — no person will ever be turned away! While an unlimited number of people can submit your signup form, if you go over your limit you won't be able to view those additional subscribers until you upgrade your subscription, but they can keep coming in. Also, no surprise plan auto-upgrades!

At the end of the day, even if we never try to sell ourselves as the cheapest solution out there it eventually becomes more cost-effective to use Prefinery with your own website or with a dedicated, more powerful landing page builder.

Because KickoffLabs bills for uniques and Prefinery bills for leads, it is difficult to provide an apples-to-applies pricing comparison.

Prefinery has been chosen by over 22,878 tech businesses.

From the biggest hi-tech firms to small startups, clients have chosen our referral marketing platform over the past 16 years for for a secure, customizable way to put customer acquisition on autopilot.

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