The Prefinery Story

A leader in pre-launch and refer-a-friend campaigns for over 16 years.

Why I created Prefinery?

Hi, I'm Justin, the guy behind Prefinery.

I've had the pleasure to work with many startups over the years. And, sadly, I've seen too many fail. They fail to properly identify a market, don’t gain enough traction, and eventually run out of money. Their product launches just don’t attract enough early attention to survive.

This is why I built Prefinery, the first SaaS pre-launch waiting list platform for upcoming product releases. Launched in 2008, Prefinery is the most customizable word-of-mouth referral platform for online software businesses in order to build anticipation and supercharge early adopter signups.

Today, Prefinery is much more than just pre-launch waitlist campaigns. Our refer-a-friend technology has been used by thousands of businesses to attract more customers, boost leads, increase signups, and expand their newsletter reach.

Give it a shot and let me know what you think!

Justin Britten, Founder of Prefinery

Justin Britten

Founder, Prefinery