Grow Your Business Through Word-of-Mouth Referrals.

From pre-launch to unicorn startup, our referral software can supercharge your user acquisition. On average, our customers boost their leads by a whopping 40%.

From startups to the Fortune 500
We power the world's most successful referral programs.

Referral Programs You Can Run With Prefinery

  • Pre-launch Waiting Lists

    Our bread n' butter since 2010. Prefinery was the first, and is still the best, solution for running a pre-launch waitlist campaign. Whether you're launching a SaaS app or a mobile app, we're the most secure, customizable and reliable solution on the market today.

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  • Refer-a-Friend Campaigns

    Prefinery is the easiest way to launch a refer-a-friend program for your SaaS or mobile app. We integrate easily with your existing website or favorite landing page provider, including Unbounce, Instapage, Squarespace, Webflow, Wordpress and many more.

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  • Closed Beta Programs

    This is where it all started back in 2008. Gate access to your beta product and require that testers first apply. Generating and delivering unique invitation codes is as simple as clicking a button. Plus, we'll track each person's status as they move through the flow from an AppliedInvited/RejectedActive tester.

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  • Video Game Alpha/Beta Releases

    Create a viral waiting list for your video game launch that rewards people for referring their friends. Delivering invitations is a piece of cake — just click a button and we'll automatically assign and email the person an unused Steam key from your uploaded list.

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Leads Collected

“Prefinery enabled us to build a live waitlist for our service, complete with social sharing and referral rewards. As a result, we saw over 25% of our waitlist members spread the word on their networks.”

Meteor Loves Prefinery
Dan Ahmadi
Director, Digital Marketing, Meteor

“We used Prefinery to set up a viral referral campaign in literally no time. It was extremely easy to set up.”

Meteor Loves Prefinery
Marius Ørvik
Growth Lead, Timely

“By using Prefinery for beta management we were able to save time & money, allowing us concentrate on building our core product.”

Meteor Loves Prefinery
Paul Joyce
CEO, Geckoboard

“Prefinery has allowed us to roll out our beta in a controlled way, that also encourages invitations and allows us to see engaged users. It's been a fantastic time saver.”

Meteor Loves Prefinery
Hamid Shojaee
CEO, GitKraken