JavaScript Web API, Points-based Scoring Algorithm, and much more.

This December and January we're bringing you some big new features, such as a JavaScript Web API and a new points-based waitlist/leaderboard scoring algorithm, as well as a whole list of small additions and improvements throughout the app. Check them out below!

Justin Britten

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JavaScript Web API, Points-based Scoring Algorithm, and much more.

Points Waiting List / Leaderboard Algorithm

Prefinery allows you to customize how users are ranked or positioned in your waitlist (e.g. for a pre-launch campaign) or leaderboard (e.g. for a referral campaign) in the form of scoring algorithms.

We've added a new scoring algorithm whereby you can associate points for activities such as signing up, shares, and referrals so that the user is awarded points for doing them. For example,

  • When a user signs up they get 1 point;
  • Each time their referral link is clicked they get 3 points (limited to one award per network e.g. when shared the first time on Facebook they get 3 points, additional shares of the same link on Facebook get 0 points); and/or
  • When a friend is referred they get 5 points

You can also manually award bonus points to users from their profile page or award bonus points as part of a Reward.

See How is a User's Position on the Waitlist or Leaderboard Calculated? for more information on how Prefinery's waitlist & leaderboard scoring algorithms work.

Add Magic Form Installation Method

If you have an existing form on your website, Prefinery can automatically add the user to your campaign when that form is submitted. Simply add the class prefinery-magic-form to your existing form.

If you are unable to add this class, you can specify the DOM selector (id or class) of your form from within your account on the Installation page.

JavaScript Web API

Prefinery has added a JavaScript Web API which allows you to add new users, get existing user info, trigger rewards, display embeddable widgets, and more, all from your front-end code. Check out the docs to get started.

Upload and Add Images to Email Messages

You can now upload images and insert them into your email messages.

Upload and Add Images to Email Messages
Upload and Add Images to Email Messages

Add a User to Your Project

Previously, in order to add a user to your campaign you had to perform a CSV import. Now, you can easily add a user from your account.

Add a User to Your Referral Campaign
Add a User to Your Referral Campaign

Make User Data Available to Conversion Tracking Javascript

Prefinery provides you with the ability to easily execute custom code or scripts when the signup form is submitted. This is particularly useful for integrating 3rd-party analytics services with your campaigns. Now, you can access a JSON object containing data, such as the email address, name, or referral code of the user who just signed up.

Ability to Apply Email Layout to All Email Messages

When you add a new email layout, you can now apply the layout to all email messages in your project at once. This beats having to edit each email message separately!

Apply an Email Layout to All Email Messages
Apply an Email Layout to All Email Messages

Prefinery's Instant Signup Links now accept the referred_by URL parameter. Populate this field with either the referrer code or email address of the referring user and we will credit that person with having referred this user. See the instant signup links documentation for more information.

REST API: Accept Email Address when Submitting referrer_id

Previously, when using Prefinery's REST API to add a new user to your campaign, you had to supply the referring user's referral code in order to give credit for the referral. Now, you can supply either the referring user's referral code OR the referring user's email address.

Customize/Localize the Share Network Button Labels

You can now customize the share network button labels. For example, instead of the Facebook button saying Share, it can say Compartir.

Update Opt-in Confirmation and Unsubscribe Page Translations for Portuguese and Italian

Prefinery's built-in Double Opt-in Confirmation and Unsubscribe Confirmation pages are localized into French, German, Spanish and now Italian and Portuguese, as well.

Track Referrals Across Subdomains of Your Site

When a visitor lands on your website after having clicked through a friend's referral link, we drop a cookie in the browser which stores their friend's referral code so that we can properly credit a referral. We made a change whereby this cookie is now accessible across subdomains, such as both and or This allows Prefinery to better track referrals and award referral credit as visitors navigate subdomains of your domain.

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