Email Preheader, Country Form Question, and Automatically Show the Referral Page to Returning Users

This March we're bringing you a bunch of improvements, such as the ability to add a preheader to your emails, ask subscribers for their country of residence, automatically show the referral page to returning users, and block people from gaming the referral system with plus or dot email addresses.

Justin Britten

Justin Britten

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Email Preheader, Country Form Question, and Automatically Show the Referral Page to Returning Users

Automatically Show the Referral Page to Returning Users

When this is enabled, Prefinery uses cookies to remember the user, after having joined your campaign, so that if they visit your form again they are shown their personalized referral page instead of the signup form. In addition, the new variable {{page.signup_link}} can be used to add a link to show the Signup Form so the person viewing the referral page can signup using a different email address.

Add Preheader Text to Email Template

Besides an email subject, you can also add a preheader text - a customizable short teaser of the email's content, usually displayed right after the subject line. It's a good way to complement your subject line with the intent to capture the recipient's attention and improve open rate.

Add New Form Question: Country

Previously, you had to ask your users for their full address. Now, you can just ask for their country.

Add Country to Email Delivery Conditions​

Craft and send specific emails depending on the recipient's country.

Localize Countries List

If you are using our embedded signup form then we automatically capture the user's locale (the language preference of their web browser). Given this, the Country select menu shown on the form is automatically localized into most languages.

Autodetection of Plus and Dot-addressed Signups

Prefinery now detects and blocks referrals using plus address variations of the same email (e.g. and dot address variations when using Gmail (e.g. While we don't block these variations from signing up, we will block the referral so people can't game your campaign.

CSV Import HTTP Referrer, Locale, and UTM Values

Our CSV importer now allows you to import even more data, including HTTP referrer, locale/language, and UTM parameters. See this guide for a full list of fields you can import.

Referral Code Included in CSV Export

The CSV export now comes with each user's referral code.

Added {{user.referral_code}} Variable to Email Messages

You can mention the user's referral code by inserting the variable {{user.referral_code}} in your email message.

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