Working with Prefinery has been a blast, it has made our viral referral campaign a breeze to launch.

By Carl-Philip Majgaard, EuroPiste

Venue on Prefinery

Aug 08, 2017


"Prefinery is the perfect tool for any startup that wants to build a waitlist. It has been perfect for managing users that want access to our service in cities where we haven’t even launched yet!" - Andrew Bowman, Founder of Venue

Pluto VR on Prefinery

Jul 17, 2017

Pluto VR

"The automatic messaging systems, ability to refer friends to move up in line, and the all in one dashboard and analtyics tools have been a lifesaver for us." - Shawn Whiting, Pluto VR

Memory by Timely on Prefinery

Jan 31, 2017

Memory by Timely

"We used Prefinery to set up a viral referral campaign in literally no time. They made implementing a product launch a piece of cake." - Marius Ørvik, Growth Lead at Timely

Design My Day on Prefinery

May 24, 2016

Design My Day

"Prefinery has been incredible for managing our beta on-boarding process. I was dreading having to write custom code, completely unrelated to my app, to handle the landing page form, email campaign and overall tracking of various beta signup steps. Then I found Prefinery. It did everything I needed and was super simple to get up an running and customized for my needs. I highly recommend it to any startup during a beta launch." - Jacob Madden, Founder of Design My Day

Krew Mobile on Prefinery

Mar 02, 2016

Krew Mobile

Krew Mobile is an innovative new cellular provider for parents and kids, complete with parental control features, so it’s easy to monitor usage and set healthy limits on how your kids use their phones. The first 1,000 qualified beta program applicants will receive FREE cellular service with 3 lines for up to 2 months. They've chosen Prefinery to manage their pilot program waiting list.