Kajabi Referral Program Integration


Create a form submission in Kajabi about the new Prefinery user.

Integrate Prefinery with Kajabi and the rest of your existing growth stack to turbocharge your marketing efforts with referrals.


Read our API docs to learn about how to build a custom integration between Kajabi and Prefinery.


Read our webhook docs to learn about how to build a custom integration between Kajabi and Prefinery.

What kind of referral programs can you build on Kajabi?

Prefinery is the #1 referral generating tool to crush your pre-launch game. Post launch, our referral software will continue to get you more users, on autopilot.

Pre-launch Waiting Lists

Pre-launch waitlist winner since 2010. Whether you're launching a SaaS app or the hottest new thing in fintech, Prefinery is the most secure, customizable and reliable solution. Because, one less thing to worry about during launch is HUGE.

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Post-Launch Referral Campaigns

Setting up your post-launch referral campaigns is dead simple. Prefinery integrates easily with your existing website or favorite landing page provider, as well as with Aweber and 3,000+ popular web apps through our no-code integration providers.

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Join 22,275 other businesses that have chosen Prefinery for a secure, customizable way to put customer acquisition on autopilot.

Leads Collected

Our customers turbocharge their marketing efforts with referrals.

Set up a viral refer a friend style marketing campaign, get your form submissions into Kajabi, and put your customer acquisition on autopilot today.

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